Dosing of Vidalta®

Vidalta® is an oral medication for the management of hyperthyroidism in cats.
It is a sustained released formulation of carbimazole designed for once daily dosing.

Vidalta® is available in two tablet strengths and in two pack sizes:

  • Vidalta® 10 mg, Vidalta® 15 mg
    30 tablet (30 day) pack – ideal for early stabilization
  • Vidalta® 10 mg, Vidalta® 15 mg
    100 tablet (100 day) pack – ideal for economic long-term maintenance

Vidalta contains carbimazole. For treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats.
Further information is available.® registered trademark.

*Doses above 20 mg have only been trialed in a small number of cats and should be used with caution.

Absorption is increased with food – tablets should be administered at the same time every day.
Tablets may be given with or without food as long as this is consistent from day to day.